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Judging Diamond Quality

“What to Look For

If you want to begin judging diamond quality, you must first learn and understand the 4 C?s, which are four characteristics of diamonds that give the gem stone it?s overall value. The 4 C?s for judging diamond quality include the diamonds color, clarity, carats and cut.

Judging Color

Most diamonds are considered to be ideal if they are transparent, or colorless. Diamonds that are rated as colorless are the most expensive of diamonds. The colors of diamonds are rated with an alphabet grading system that starts with ?D? and ends with ?Z?. Completely colorless diamonds fall in the ?D? and ?E? grade, while colored, fancy diamonds are at the other end of the alphabet, at ?Y? and ?Z?.

There are two main ways that jewelers? use when judging diamond quality based on color. They may pull out a set of reference stones, and find the closest match between the diamond and the reference stone to determine its letter grade. Alternatively, the jeweler may use a colorimeter, which can electronically measure the color of the stone and determine its grade within 1/3 of a grade.

Judging Clarity

The clarity of a diamond refers to whether or not the diamond is clear all the way through, or whether it has tiny flaws and cloudy areas within the gemstone. It?s actually very rare to have a diamond with absolute perfect clarity and no flaws, but most diamond flaws are not visible to the naked eye and can only be seen with a magnifying device.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) uses a magnification of about 10x when judging diamond quality based on the clarity. There are treatments available to make a diamond appear nicer than it actually is, and the treatments should lower the overall price of the diamond so it is important to do your research before purchasing a diamond to be sure you are not spending more money than you should.

Judging Carat Weight

Carat is the term we used to describe the weight of a diamond gemstone. One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams of weight. A single diamond with a high amount of carat weight is more expensive than the equivalent amount of carats in multiple stones. This is because finding the larger diamonds is much more rare of an occurrence. So if you want a 2-carat diamond ring, for example, you may decide to go with a half-carat diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds that add up to one and a half carats to give you the total of 2 carats! Judging diamond quality by the number of carats is difficult, since different shaped gemstones, and stones with different levels of clarity will be priced differently even if they have the same amount of carats.

Judging Cut

One of the most important factors in judging diamond quality is judging the cut of a diamond. It’s important because a quality cut diamond will be more brilliant and reflects light more beautifully, and yet the cut of a diamond has the least impact on the overall price of the diamond.

When judging diamond quality on the cut of a diamond, look at the stone in a well-lit area. If the light seems to go into the stone and bounce back, showing a sparkling reflective surface, the diamond has a good cut. The angles and shapes of a diamond are important to judge the diamond quality and the overall appearance of your diamond.”

Parley authentic Capitals jerseys now available in the NHL Store

NHL and Adidas officially announced an environmentally conscious All-Star shirt on Wednesday. Black and white sweaters, inspired by the colors of ice and pucks, made with Parley Ocean Plastic, materials made from upcycled marine plastic debris. According to the NHL, every jersey is made a symbol of change in movement to protect the ocean.

Authentic Black Parley Capitals landed at the NHL Shop for the first time on Friday.

Parley Authentic Jersey

The original Capitals black jersey is available for $ 199.99 in the NHL team store. According to the NHL Shop, the shirt is sent on or before Wednesday, January 23.

Adjusted Parley Jersey

NHL stores have also made the Parley Capitals’ shirts customizable. It costs $ 269.99. If you are interested in buying it, I suggest moving fast. Two sizes have been sold out.

The NHL superstar, the Washington Capitals captain and, more than a year ago, Stanley Cup Champion Alexander Ovechkin, will have cereal named after him, as was first reported Monday.

A leaked cereal image, named “Ovi O’s,” appeared on Facebook on Monday and was almost immediately shared across Twitter, before the original Facebook post was deleted.

Cereals will appear at the Giant Food grocery store, which is described as “roasted wheat cereal with honey and natural almond flavor,” according to the cereal box image.

Last summer, after the Stanley Cup victory that many awaited the capital city, Ovechkin (and other team members) feasted hard with good Stanley.

One of the few things Ovechkin did on the multi-day dent – or when he brought home the Cup to Russia – was eating cereal. (Some other champions, such as T.J. Oshie, who have their own “Oshie O’s” cereal made in 2015).

Giant Food and Monumental Sports & Entertainment have worked together several times since the former was named the “exclusive partner” of the team under the Monumental flag. That includes canned food drives, plus several in-store signature sessions with Tom Wilson.


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